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To satisfy the clients and passengers expectations in terms of airport, complementary and commercial services provided by the "Felipe Ángeles" International Airport (AIFA), focusing on safety, honesty, honesty, loyalty, productivity, profitability and sustainability.


By the year 2036, the “Felipe Ángeles” International Airport (AIFA) will be a consolidated entity in terms of total quality for the provision of airport, complementary and commercial services; becoming a national and international paradigm of safety, efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability and profitability.



Achieve the highest standards in the planning, implementation and operation of airports and complementary services to place AIFA as a national and international benchmark in the provision of such services.


Implement the different phases of the administrative process in terms of human, material, financial, computer resources and commercial services in an efficient and effective manner, to provide quality and safe services to the clients and users of the Felipe Ángeles International Airport.


Support government actions in terms of public safety, social welfare and economic development for the benefit of the country's population.

4.2.1. Develop the infrastructure to install the A.I.F.A. And Its Interconnection With The International Airport Of Mexico City.

4.2.2. Manage the Constitution of a Parastatal Entity for the Administration, Operation and Exploitation of the A.I.F.A.

4.2.3. Contribute With The Construction Of The Infrastructure Of The Government Of Mexico Of Social Works That Allow The Progress Of The Country, In Cooperation With The Other Public Institutions Of The Country.

Transport in a different place

If, due to force majeure or fortuitous event, the airline lands in a place other than the original destination, the passenger will have the right to be transferred in the fastest means of transport available.

Transport Pets

Domestic animals that are transferred by the airline must be treated humanely, with measures that reduce any damage during the journey.


The passenger can transport at least 15 or 25 kg of checked baggage free of charge, depending on the capacity of the aircraft; as well as 2 pieces of hand luggage not exceeding 10 kg. In case of excess and according to the available capacity, the airline will have the right to request an additional payment.

Loss or Damage to Baggage

If the hand luggage is destroyed or damaged, the passenger will be entitled to compensation equivalent to 80 UMAs; while, for the loss or damage of checked baggage, compensation will be equivalent to 150 UMAs.

Payment of compensation

The payment of compensation to the passenger must be made within 10 days after the claim, except those related to food and lodging, which must be covered when the delay, delay or cancellation occurs.

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