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Air passenger rights

In accordance with the Civil Aviation Law there are certain provisions related to the rights of air passengers. In this sense, the airlines, their personnel and the travel agencies that are dedicated to the sale of tickets, as well as making of reservations and check-in counters, are obliged to respect and comply with the following rights:

Information and publicity

The passenger has the right to access a high level of information from the airline. The information and advertising provided must be truthful, verifiable, clear, and not misleading or confusing, whether through websites, service points, counters, among others.

Rates and prices

The airline must provide the applicable terms and conditions at the time the passenger purchases the ticket. The cost of this must include fees, commissions, taxes, and any other covered charges. It is important that the total amount to be paid is clearly informed to the passenger.

Additional services

The airline can offer extra services at the time of purchasing the tickets, such as insurance, car rental, assistance; but you will not be able to make charges that condition the purchase of the ticket to the mandatory contracting of said services.

Refund of the ticket price

The passenger can ask for a refund of the price of the ticket in case you decide not to take the trip if it is within a period of 24 hours following the time of purchase.


If there is a delay or flight delay, it must be reported through electronic media or physical means in the boarding area and in the respective service modules. If the delay is attributable to the airline, they are responsible for the compensation that corresponds to the passenger.


If the cancellation of a flight attributable to the airline occurs, the passenger may opt for the compensation established by the Civil Aviation Law.


In case that tickets have been issued more than the available capacity of the aircraft, the passenger will have the option to choose the benefits that apply in case of cancellation. On the other hand, the airline can request volunteers to forego boarding in exchange for certain benefits that must not be less than those that apply for cancellation. Preferential adressment to people with disabilities, older adults, unaccompanied minors and pregnant women.

Access to communications

The waiting passenger must have access to at least free phone calls and emails, in case of flight delays and cancellations.

Round trips or connecting flights

The passenger may make use of any of the segments of the total route that he has contracted in his reservation, regardless of whether you have not used one of them. This as long as you notify the airline within 24 hours from the scheduled time for the unused segment, that it will use the subsequent ones.

Itinerary changes

The airline must inform the passenger at least 24 hours before the departure of the flight about changes in the itinerary or any circumstance that affects the contracted service. In those cases, in which changes occur within a shorter period, the airline must inform the passenger as soon as possible.

People with disabilities

Passengers with disabilities can transport wheelchairs, crutches, among others, as long as they are for their personal use and directly associated with their disability.


Passengers of legal age can take a child under 2 years of age under their care at no additional cost, but without the right to a seat or luggage.

Transport in a different place

If, due to force majeure or fortuitous event, the airline lands in a place other than the original destination, the passenger will have the right to be transferred in the fastest means of transport available.

Transport pets

Domestic animals that are transferred by the airline must be treated humanely, with measures that reduce any damage during the flight.


The passenger can transport at least 15 or 25 kg of checked baggage free of charge depending on the capacity of the aircraft: as well as 2 pieces of hand luggage not exceeding 10 kg. In case of excess and according to the available capacity, the airline will have the right to request an additional payment.

Loss or damage of luggage

If the hand luggage is destroyed or damaged, the passenger will be entitled to compensation equivalent to 80 UMA's; while, for the loss or damage of checked baggage, compensation will be equivalent to 150 UMAs.

Payment of compensation

The payment of compensation to the passenger must be made within 10 days after the claim, except those related to food and lodging, which must be covered when the delay, delay, or cancellation occurs.

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