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How to get to FAIA?

Located in the municipality of Zumpango and at a distance of 50 km from the centre of Mexico City, the Felipe Ángeles International Airport has different means. Multiple construction works have been developed to improve road connectivity and facilitate access to users.

Main access roads


Mexiquense Exterior Circuit

The road interconnection to the Mexiquense Exterior Circuit is the main vehicular entrance to the airport. The road consists of 3 entry lanes and 3 exit lanes. The access to the airport is located between Tultepec and Santa Lucía toll booth.

Ground Transportation

Mexico-Pachuca Freeway

Whether through a toll fee or free access, those who come through this highway make a connection with the Military Zone Junction, through which, in 8 km is the access the airport's passenger terminal area. The junction is a road distributor that connects the airport with 3 important points in the Metropolitan Area: Naucalpan, Texcoco, and Querétaro.

Additionally, work is being done on the expansion of the Mexico-Pachuca Highway from 4 to 8 lanes to further facilitate access to the airport.

Access the following map to discover more details about the routes to the AIFA:

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