Inspection and security

One of the most important hallmarks of the AIFA is the technology applied regarding security. Within this, the review of hand luggage through a computerized tomography stands out, without the necessity of the passenger to separate their belongings. This is reinforced with metal detector arches, as well as trace and liquid detectors to identify narcotics and explosives.

Therefore, the passenger experience at this stage is much less intrusive, as well as more comfortable and faster, processing times of 3 minutes for passengers and 30 seconds for luggage.

On the other hand, there are also body scans at the inspection points, specially designed with millimetric waves of non-invasive technology, able to identify dangerous articles in the passengers’ clothing.

Remember that liquids, aerosols and gels in your hand luggage must not exceed 100 ml. If you transport any of these items and exceed the aforementioned amount, you will not be able to enter with them, so if you decide to leave them, they must be deposited in the containers located at the inspection points.