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The Mexibús is a bus rapid transit (BRT) system that offers a fast, comfortable, economical, and sustainable mobility system, thanks to Euro V technology, which allows it to reduce fuel use, as well as polluting sources.

Its units also offer greater security to passengers through video surveillance cameras, connected to the Command Center to have a better response capacity in any risk situation.

Recently expanded from the Ojo de Agua terminal, connects directly with the airport and has a route that starts in Ciudad Azteca, Ecatepec de Morelos. This line offers the ordinary service, where the bus stops at all stations, and the express service makes stops only at certain stations.

From the Ojo de Agua terminal to the AIFA is approximately 40 minutes.

Whose route goes from Indios Verdes to Tecámac, will also connect with the AIFA. The expansion is projected from the Universidad Mexiquense del Bicentenario to the airport.

The Mexibús terminal at the AIFA is located outside the TITT and has extensive security measures, as well as high-quality levels.

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