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Travel with pets

If you are going to travel with your pet, it is important that you inform them to know about the requirements, as well as the additional costs that this implies. Currently, you can choose the following options for transporting your pet:

Pets in the cabin

The conditions of weight and dimensions determined by each airline, the pet may travel in the seat in front of the passenger, inside a suitable carrier or container.

Documented pets

The pet will be transported in the hold of the plane as part of the baggage, inside its carrier or container. Specific weights and dimensions also apply depending on each airline.

Pets for assistance and emotional support

This category includes those animals that have been specially trained to accompany people with disabilities or those that provide therapeutic support to their owners.

They can travel in the cabin and without a transporter, in addition to the fact that their transportation does not have an additional cost.

Transport pets

Domestic animals that are transferred by the airline must be treated humanely, with measures that reduce any damage during the flight.

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